A square with an old bed, and a clown ready to sleep. Noises, surprises, laughter and other adversities will not let him rest until he arrives to the “iNSOMNi”. Guided by his ingenious inventiveness, he will be able to surprise and draw smiles. Taking us to a poetic, dreamlike and intimate journey, full of crazy and surreal situations. New proposal by the artist Dudu Arnalot. A no words gestural clown show for all audiences..

Artistic details:

  • Original concept and performer: Dudu Arnalot (clown).
  • External view: Leandre Ribera.
  • Costume: Ruth Delgado Ochoa.
  • Scenography: Dudu Arnalot.


  • Street show for all audiences.
  • Duration of the show: 45 minutes.
  • People on stage: Dudu Arnalot (clown).
  • Gestural clown show, no words.